Arabic basic syllabus
 Sr.  Contents  Time
 Introduction about Arabic language with features.   1 hr
 Arabic alphabet and shapes with irregular alphabet by simplified methods.  3hr
 Nunation and short vowels as well as long vowels.  3hr
 Writing skills method  3hr
 Arabic Conversation with practice in each session 20 minutes including phrases.  8hr 
 Pronouns and possessive pronouns.  4hr
 Careers.  1hr
 Relationship.  1hr
9  Time.  1hr
10  Numbers.  1hr
11  Transportation.  1hr
12  Colors.  1hr
13  Stationary.  1hr
14  Body parts.  1hr
15  Vegetarians.  1hr
16  Places.  1hr
17  Fruits.  1hr
18  Nature.   1hr
19  Technology.  1hr
20  Nationalities.  1hr
21  Revision.  4hr
 Total  40hr
Fees Structure :
• Basic Arabic Course Fees is 12000/-
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